The laundry room by design may be a utility room, yet that doesn’t mean it has to look utilitarian. By adding ceramic tile to your laundry room, your surfaces can be both protected and your space can be stylish.

So, which colors are better for the laundry room? We highly recommend the following color ideas to create an optimal laundry room environment. What’s your preference? Clean and soothing or polished and energetic-to get the job done.

  • Light tan with yellow undertones
  • Cool white with hints of gray and beige
  • Light beige
  • Moody, deep green
  • Muted silver gray
  • Pastel blue
  • Light pink
  • Pale lavender

Instead of a white and raw tile, opt for a white with touches of beige and/or gray to add warmth while maintaining a clean, bright appearance.

Laundry room with white tile flooring
White laundry room tile looks great with appliances of all colors, as well as monochromatic looks.

Light beige tile is a truly versatile option that works well with a wide range of different accent colors. Because it doesn’t stand out too much, light beige is great for transitional sinks that are viewed from other parts of the house, such as the kitchen or a bathroom.

Laundry room with light wood-look tile
Light beige tile is a great neutral option for laundry room tile.

Pink tiles bring character to small laundry rooms. As softer pinks, such as the one shown below, create a classic vintage look, brighter pinks and corals add a dynamic touch.

Laundry room with pink tile dog shower and black and white graphic tile flooring
Pink laundry room tile pairs well with cool neutrals.