Rogelio Gomez


Our owner spent decades working with tile importers and distributors world-wide. Based in Miami, he was privy to the latest trends and newest creations in the tile world. For years, he tried to sell the new products to stores in Tampa Bay, but most stores refused the new trends, explaining that “those” products would probably not sell in Tampa. As a result, Tampa Bay customers would not even see the latest products until a year or more after they debuted in Miami or New York and were proven to be big sellers with builders and designers. Tampa Bay lagged behind in having access to the newest products and styles.

This created the opportunity on which Floor Center of Tampa Bay was built. Rogelio Gomez opened this warehouse-style store to offer homeowners, designers and builders in Tampa Bay the newest creations produced in the tile world, as soon as they hit the market! We are a specialty retailer in all types of hard surface flooring, offering the most unique selection of tile, wood, stone and new materials…at the best prices.

Floor Center of Tampa Bay’s mission is to conscientiously exceed customer expectations and provide world class customer service. Our passion and purpose is to help our customers build and improve spaces where people can be inspired. We do this by delivering unique tile products of extraordinary quality.

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You’ve discovered Floor Center of Tampa Bay, the area’s greatest resource for the latest trends in tile decor. Homeowners, contractors and designers have access to rare and unique products straight from Miami in stone, porcelain and ceramic tile, mosaics, laminate, wood and kitchen countertops.

At Floor Center of Tampa Bay, a large number of our products are manufactured under strict eco-friendly regulations, many of which are sustainable, offering environmental and social benefits while protecting public health and the natural environment, from the extraction of raw materials until the finish disposal.