Outdoor kitchen is becoming increasingly popular as a way to create more outdoor living space and enjoy the natural beauty better.

Nature isn’t the only beautiful thing to behold in an outdoor kitchen: with stunning porcelain and ceramic tile options, you can make an outdoor kitchen worthy of rivaling any indoor or outdoor area of your home.

Here are some porcelain and ceramic tile ideas that will stand out in any outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen Applications 

The versatility of design within the “ceramic tile family” (porcelain tile, stoneware tile, wall tile, pressed floor tile and mosaic tile) gives you a wide variety to specify the right choice for these outdoor kitchen uses. Although each subgroup of the ceramic tile family shares the general advantages of ceramic tiles, each is produced slightly differently and therefore may have additional advantages that lend themselves to specific applications. For clarity in this article, although porcelain tile is part of the larger ceramic family, we will distinguish between porcelain and non-porcelain tiles, referring to the latter as ceramic.

Water resistance is especially important in an outdoor kitchen due to weather and temperature fluctuations. Fortunately, all porcelain and ceramic tile options are water resistant and will not warp or degrade with moisture. In addition, porcelain, stoneware tiles and some pressed tiles and mosaics can easily withstand repeated freeze-thaw cycles, including prolonged contact with snow and ice. Look for a freeze/thaw resistance rating for horizontal applications subject to icy conditions.

Porcelain and ceramic tile flooring for outdoor kitchens

Porcelain and ceramic tile flooring for outdoor kitchens

This concrete-look tile brings an industrial touch to the wood feel of the house (in addition to the water-resistant advantage of porcelain and ceramic tile).

Porcelain and ceramic tile flooring for outdoor kitchens
Porcelain and ceramic tile flooring for outdoor kitchens

Kitchen flooring choice is an important selection inside your home, and outside is no different. You’ll likely want a material that is both practical (think weather-resistant) and aesthetically pleasing (think design impact).

Porcelain and ceramic countertops for outdoor kitchens

Porcelain and ceramic countertops for outdoor kitchens
This calibrated porcelain countertop features all the beauty of granite, yet you can have comfort in knowing that porcelain is actually even more durable than granite.

Countertops are another chance to display a beautiful ceramic or porcelain tile backsplash in your outdoor kitchen.

Calibrated porcelain tile panels/slabs are an extremely popular choice for countertops because their oversized size enables them to look like large slabs of natural stone.

You can rely on the durability of all ceramic and porcelain tiles, especially when exposed to unfamiliar elements, such as falling branches, heavy outdoor utensils and décor, and a range of climatic conditions.

Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Kitchen Island or Outdoor Bar

Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Kitchen Island or Outdoor Bar
The calibrated porcelain tile panels/slabs that make up this outdoor bar combine with a wood-look ceramic tile patio to create a modern contemporary feel for this minimalist outdoor style.

An outdoor bar is essential if you plan to use your outdoor kitchen for your entertaining. Prepare cocktails and/or pour your gathering delights from a bar created with porcelain or ceramic tile.

Porcelain and ceramic tile provide an easy-to-clean outdoor surface. Resistance to bacteria, stains and scratches makes cleanup as simple as removing debris and wiping with water. For a bit more cleansing power, choose a neutral cleaner tailored specifically for tile and grout or a mildly alkaline detergent.

Porcelain and ceramic swim-up bar

Porcelain and ceramic swim-up bar
Swim-up bars are all the rage in ultra luxury: imagine yourself resting on this matte black mosaic bar while enjoying your favorite drink.

If you have a pool and an outdoor kitchen, why not combine the two?

Don’t worry about pool damage to your tile (or water rings from your drink, for that matter): porcelain and ceramic tiles are water-resistant and won’t discolor or be damaged by pool chemicals or sun exposure. Dip and drink.

Porcelain and ceramics for outdoor stoves and ovens

Porcelain and ceramics for outdoor stoves and ovens
Porcelain and ceramic tiles enable you to create gorgeous patterns around your kiln, such as this rustic stone-look tile, which matches nicely with the slate-look tile floor.

That’s right, outdoor kitchens are for cookouts!

Regardless of whether you have a stove, conventional oven or pizza oven, porcelain and ceramic tiles are ideal fire-resistant options for tiling these areas. Both porcelain and ceramic tile do not smoke, burn, or give off toxic fumes when they are exposed to fire.

Porcelain fireplace and tile for outdoor fireplaces

The wood-look tile floor and half-wall, calibrated white porcelain countertop, island and fire pit, and wisteria-laden pergola make for an elegant outdoor kitchen.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are ideal for use around stoves and ovens for the same reasons that they are a great choice for outdoor fireplaces and fire pits. Tile around your outdoor fireplace to create a stunning fireplace surround, or use calibrated porcelain tile panels/slabs to create a unique fire pit, such as the one pictured above.

Cobblestone pathway

This outdoor kitchen area showcases the loveliness of wood-look pavers and patios.

When you have larger than one defined area in your outdoor space, a pathway is a must; porcelain and ceramic pavers provide the ultimate material for pathways.

Bulkier than typical ceramic and porcelain tiles, pavers can either be fitted as part of a larger paving system or as individual tiles to create a typical cobblestone look. However, that doesn’t mean you have to choose stone-look tiles. Pavers offer many different styles, including wood-look tile.