Because of their (typically) smaller size, bathrooms feature an opportunity to make a creative splash with a great tile color.

What are the best colors for the bathroom? Martha Stewart color experts say these are the bathroom colors that will be most popular in 2022:

  • Pale blues
  • Moody greens
  • Warm neutrals
  • Earthy yellows
  • Chalk white

From these colors, our favorite bathroom ideas are pale blue, moody green and chalky white.

Bathroom with blue penny round tile walls and flooring
Textured blue mosaic tile gives this otherwise all-white bathroom the only decor it needs.

Blue colors for the bathroom have been longtime darlings, and pale blue is an particularly refreshing choice. Choices include a cool, powdery blue with a touch of gray and a slightly brighter blue, like the one in the image above, that is evocative of water.

Bathroom with variegated green tile backsplash
Green bathroom colors such as this variegated green backsplash tile create a moody yet mellow vibe.

Deep green bathroom colors are the preferred choice for creating a stunning bathroom look this year. Rich or deep green tiles inspired by nature offer the dual advantage of being bold yet pleasing to the eye.

Bathroom with white hexagon tile backsplash
White tile is perhaps the most popular choice for bathrooms.

White bathroom tiles were first popularized in the Victorian era and have yet to go out of style, for a good reason. Chalk white tiles create an even crisper, cleaner look, perfect for bathrooms.

In case white tiles aren’t quite right for you, yet you still want to go with a neutral, you just can’t go wrong with gray bathroom colors. Just like white, gray bathroom colors give you the option to change the look of your bathroom with accent colors whenever you feel like a new design. Either white or gray tiles are also excellent choices if you’ re looking for farmhouse bathroom colors.