Looking for fun flooring ideas for your bathroom? Colorful bathroom floor tile is just the pick-me-up we need to inspire our days, with options that span the rainbow and creative multicolor designs, as well. Here are some of our favorite colorful tile bathroom floors from Instagram, guaranteed to cheer you.

Yellow Bathroom Floor Tile

Sunny and bright, yellow tile flooring will promote energy in any bathroom. You can opt for an all-over yellow look such as this hexagon tile flooring, or pair yellow with white to jazz it up a bit in a chevron tile layout.

In fact, yellow (or “Illuminating”) is one of Pantone’s two colors of the year for 2021.

Orange Bathroom Floor Tile

Orange tile flooring is a great choice to add warmth to your bathroom.

Paired with a red design in the first bathroom floor above, the orange tiles create a fiery vibe. In the second bathroom, the orange and white tiles combine to create a mellow creamsicle look.

Pink Floor Tiles for Bathrooms

Pink tile makes for a bathroom floor that can be anything from sophisticated to boho, depending on the shade.

The above example lets the color do all the talking with a monochromatic design continuing into the curbless shower. The bathrooms below opt for pink tile patterns. Which do you prefer, the floral design or the geometric pattern?

Red Tile Bathroom Floors

Red tile makes for bold bathroom flooring, as you see from the examples above. These bathrooms go all-in and cover the walls with red tile as well, one with tiny mosaic tile and the other with red subway tile.

Blue Bathroom Floor Tile

Blue tile flooring helps create a fresh and calm bathroom and presents oh-so-many design options. The first bathroom above opts for a blue and white color scheme reminiscent of 17th century azulejos or Delft tile and the second incorporates a dark blue, orange, and white design on a light blue tile base.

Green Bathroom Floor Tile

The color of nature, green tile flooring creates a restful atmosphere in your bathroom.

Both of the green tile bathroom floors above include angular lines in their designs, the first with a herringbone layout pattern and the second with a sunburst motif printed onto hexagon tiles.

Bathroom Multicolor Floor Tile

Can’t choose just one tile color? Don’t! Multicolor tile makes for uniquely creative and fun bathroom floor designs.

We love the under-the-sea color scheme of this bathroom floor, which includes hexagon tiles of different solid colors and multicolored triangle shapes that combine to create a hexagon.

The various tile designs featured in this bathroom flooring remind us of the encaustic tile common during the Gothic Revival — with a modern twist and brighter colors!

This multicolored mosaic bathroom floor resembles rainbows in the shower, and how fitting is that?

If you didn’t already know that orange and blue are complementary colors, you do now! This blue and orange triangle pattern is a playful design perfect for a kid’s bathroom.

Embrace Color With Your Bathroom Floor

No matter what color you choose, colorful tile flooring will bring happy and joyful feelings to your bathroom.

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