Stone looks offer a lovely way to bring natural beauty and texture to a space. And with color palettes warming up overall in the last few years, it’s no wonder that stone looks are also warming up in color.

Let’s look at some examples of this 2022 trend.

(Almost) Back-to-Basics Beige Tile

This tile for the bedroom almost made us think it was a simple beige, but then we noticed the slight veining. The subtle styling adds to the warm, fresh, “sunlight-washed” appearance of the bathroom.

Caramel Swirl Stone-Look Tile

The caramel veining of this floor is precisely what comes to mind when we picture warm stone-look ceramic tile. Imagine losing yourself in this soothing design as you soak in the tub.

Warm Stone-Look Mosaic Tile

The look of stone also lends itself to tile mosaics. This wall mosaic blends a warm, earthy tone with a fun diamond design that creates a 3D illusion. In our opinion, this combination strikes the perfect balance: soft and casual!

Warm Concrete Looks

Concrete-look tiles perhaps aren’t the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of the look of stone, yet they’re quite trendy these days, especially for industrial projects such as a warehouse-turned-residence, or a factory reimagined into a boutique hotel. The warmer aspects of concrete-beige and espresso, for example-help avoid the cold, austere feel you can get with large expanses of cool-toned grays.

Warm Slate-Look Tile

Anyone who doesn’t love the look of slate? This slate-look tile wall strikes a balance between warm reds, oranges and yellows and cooler grays and blues. Plus, it”s organic texture enhances your spaces.

Warm Gray Stone-Look Tile

Grays can have cool undertones (such as blue) or warm undertones (such as yellow and brown). Warm grays, like this floor-to-ceiling tile, are often called “greige,” a combination of “gray” and “beige.”

Author: Roxanne Morris