Although textured tiles have been in vogue for a while, this year they are a bit different. In contrast to the angular geometric patterns and textures we’ve seen in the past, the organic textures seem more like they were hand-created, or even formed through natural occurrence.

Perfect Imperfection: Handmade Tile

The organic, unequal surface of these handmade tiles are combined with an equally beautiful irregular coloration, called variegation. Since each tile has a unique quality, the installation overall has an even more eye-catching appearance.

Raindrops on Tile

The fascinating dots on this textured tile have us imagining raindrops making a sound. Coupled with the neutral colors and leaf-shaped design on the adjacent wall, the organic texture helps create a seamlessly calming shrine.

Wind-Rippled Tile

Can you hear the wind echoing in this large master bath? Perhaps not, but you can see waves that appear to be created by the wind in these gauged porcelain tile panels/slabs. This effect softens the minimalist design of this room.

River Rock Tile

If you are reluctant to touch these mosaics, you’ re not the only one. We are reminded of the rocks at the bottom of a river or stream, smoothed and rounded by the constant flow of water.

Wood Grain Tile

The wooden grain texture of this ceramic tile wall doesn’t look like it was modeled by nature, but taken directly from it. The tile design has the appearance and color of wood and even the texture of cut wood grain.